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The Giant Romper Extravaganza

Well, it finally happened. For the first time since summertime, I pulled out the sewing machine to attack a giant romper. Found months ago at a thrift store, it was in desperate need of a de-pantsing. I’ve never been a fan of rompers, so this one needed to be a dress. It was also giant on me.

Here’s how it looked:

Yep! Giant shorts on a giant romper. It was way too big for me so I took care of a few things.

  • No more shorts. I seam-ripped the leg bits and re-sewed down the already present center seams to make a skirt.
  • Shorter straps. I had to take three inches off each of the straps.
  • Take in time. I took in six inches–three on each side, but only on the upper portion. To keep the pockets I didn’t take in the skirt; I like a fuller skirt, anyhow.
  • Fix the gross. There were some exposed edges that I folded in and sewed over to avoid loose threads.
  • Done. Easy-peasy.

And the results…

(Please excuse my dumb face / bra straps. Background is the pattern of the fabric.)

Anyway, it’s really an adorable dress and I can’t wait until it’s a normal springtime temperature so I can wear it tight-less. I might get too excited and wear it with tights soon, anyway. There are pockets and the length is great and the fabric is a nice thick cotton-y something, and I am excited.

Some details:

Price: <$3. I don’t remember how much it was, but I doubt I would’ve spent more than $3.

# Stabbed Fingers: 3…oops.

Hours: ~3. It was a nice, simple afternoon project.

Lots of 3s. I’ll be back sometime soon for reviews on The Blind Assassin and The Golden Compass, because I’ve also been reading with all this spare time. Currently working on The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles.