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HAPPY 2011.

New year, new blog, new goals.

I’m not actually usually one for resolutions at the new year. It seems silly to limit oneself to the first of January for goals. But this January is my last January as an undergrad student, and with the future looming over me like a giant question mark, I’ve decided to focus on goals that I can accomplish even without knowing where I’ll be or who I’ll be with in a few months.

That being said, I resolve to:

  1. Live in the moment. Focus on now. Graduating means a lot of questions, a lot of changes, a lot of decisions, a lot of planning. I am a planner. The unknown stresses me out. It’s easy to lose sight of where I am in worries of where I’m going. So I resolve to live in the moment, to enjoy what I have around me right now.
  2. Increase productivity. Instead of Text Twist or Facebook, I should read or write or blog. Instead of watching Bridalplasty and other terrible television, I should exercise. Or change the channel. Probably I shouldn’t ever watch Bridalplasty.
  3. Eat better. More vegetables! Fruits and grains do not a healthy diet make. Donuts are not a food group, no matter how tempting they are.
  4. Set and stick to some sort of exercise regimen. No excuses. No complaining without making an effort to improve.
  5. Due to 3 and 4, lose ten or fifteen pounds, feel better, more energetic, and less like a slug. Enter the post-grad world feeling capable of conquering it.
  6. Submit poetry and stories to literary journals and magazines. Instead of sitting and hoping to be good enough to get published, I will attempt to get published, I will make an effort to get published.
  7. Graduate. Get a real job. Move out. BE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL 21 YEAR OLD IN THE WORLD AND EARN A TRILLION DOLLARS. Make as many steps toward adulthood as possible.

That’s not too much when you’ve got a whole year, is it? 2011, I’d really appreciate it if you were awesome.