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Can we talk about this guy who wrote a 10,000 page poem?

I learned about it from GalleyCat and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Basically, the guy, David Morice, wrote 100 pages of poetry every day for 100 days to have a 10,000 page poem. And it’s all bound into one giant book, which cannot be easy to read.

It opens with, “On a clear night, you can see for light years. / When you wake up in the morning, /you can read the dawn / and compare it to the dusk. / Today the sky above Iowa City / is cloudy with tiny droplets / gently blowing in the wind / and tapping my laptop with dots. / In front of the University/ Main Library, Gordon sits / on a marble wall, camera / posed to video the beginning / of this poetry marathon.”

I’m pretty dubious about the prospect of marathon writing at all, and I can’t say this is something that really appeals to me. I prefer my poetry more concise. But if you’re interested, you can read all of it here. I did open the first day and try to get through it but… not my cup of tea.

I do, however, admire Mr. Morice’s dedication.