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Worst Blogger: Life Updates

Well, I’m officially the worst blogger. I shouldn’t be surprised. The number of blogs and diaries I’ve started and just not kept up with is ridiculous. I have notebooks scattered through desk and dresser drawers, and the internet knows me by so many different attempts. Right now I’ll say but this time will be different, and maybe it will be, but in the past it never was. It isn’t a lack of ideas. I have loads of ideas I want to post about. (Here are some: my vegetarianism [pesceterianism, technically] and JSF’s Eating Animals, all the YA novels I’ve read recently [the entire His Dark Materials series and The Hunger Games], HBO’s Game of Thrones [which I haven’t read, but the show is SO GOOD], Wind-Up Bird Chronicles [which I’m working on, and why it’s taking so long], and more!) What it is is a lack of motivation due to a lack of publicizing due to a lack of confidence in anyone wanting to read this ever. Probably I should just keep going with it for my own sake, so later I can look back and remember books even better; in fact, I remember books better because I intend to write about them.

Anyway, to kind of make up for it, and because I have time to kill (summer!), I’ll update twice tonight. What a champ!

First off, I graduated. I now have a Bachelor of the Arts degree. It even says that I graduated magna cum laude, which means I got between a 3.75 and a 3.899 GPA. (I got a 3.76.) I also graduated with honors in both departments due to having over a 3.5 GPA in each department, and getting HONORS on my Independent Study. (P.S. I got Honors on my Independent Study! This is the highest grade you can get. I am very happy with that, especially given my stickler of a Philosopher advisor.) It was sad, but happy. I’m excited to enter the real world but very sad to leave all the fabulous people I met at college, especially those who helped me to become less stressed and crazy in life.

Second, I turned 22! My birthday was a few days ago. I did nothing special. Truth be told, I watched Parks and Recreation on Netflix all day because that show is so stinking good. Also, went to Olive Garden with the family, and that was very nice. Then, the next day, my sister and I got ampersand tattoos. Why? Because as different as we are (and we are very different), we will always be there for each other. Corniness aside, I also love punctuation and it’s a reminder to myself to stay with people, especially those who make me better (choose my &s wisely). Given my emotional turmoil (graduation, etc.), I also felt a strong need to change something and the need to prove to myself I can do awesome and scary things things; I got a small, cover-up-able tattoo and it looks awesome. (And don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll love it years down the road as well.)

Third, I’m going to New York City in less than a fortnight for NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute. I was waitlisted at Columbia, but by the time I find out if they really want me NYU will have already started, so NYU it is, to be safe. I’m very very excited and very very scared all at once (part of my emotional turmoil). I know it will be awesome, and I know it’s a smart choice for me. I really want to go into publishing. Books forever! Or maybe magazines. We’ll see. I hope I love NYC enough to live there, because that’s where everything is happening and I want to be in the middle of it all. Goodbye money, hello “The I’m Poor” Diet!

I feel bad for no pictures, but so goes this update.