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Music Cravings

Today I had my first day at my W. W. Norton internship and it was swell. The only thing I found super difficult was sitting without tunes all day long. In honor of my lonely ears, here are some songs that have been in my brain and playing from my laptop speakers lately.

Alex Winston: “Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)” (from the fabulous Miss Moss mix, Electric Spring)


Adele: “Rolling in the Deep” (Girl can sing.)


Cee-roo: “A Day in the Life (feat. John Lennon)” (from Miss Moss’s August) (Sad this isn’t a real music video. 😦 😦 :()


Midlake: “Young Bride” (You can blame Katie for this one.)


The Decemberists: “Calamity Song” (Because who can resist a David Foster Wallace inspired video, right?) (And also because I’m still obsessed with The King Is Dead.)


I’d put up like a million more except I’m tired because of working for real $$$ like a grown-up or something gross. (jk, not too gross.)  Air Review’s “Waiting Lessons” deserves to be mentioned, even though it isn’t on YouTube that I could find. But it’s HERE, so take that, YouTube. Also, I listen to a buttload of Florence + the Machine because lady singers are the best.


What I Read: Vampire Academy Series, Books 2-6

Alright, nerds. This is the blog entry where I admit how many Vampire Academy books I’ve read in the last week or so. (The answer is 6, if you count Bloodlines, but 5 because technically that book is a spin-off series.) Am I ashamed? Slightly. But I’m going to be real with you, blog. I really liked those books. (Can’t say the same for their covers, though. Or their titles.)

Titles: Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, Last Sacrifice

Author: Richelle Mead

It would take way too long for me to go into the details of each of these books, so I’m just going to talk generally about the series. All of them got 3-4 stars from me on Goodreads, but each of them at least deserves a 3.5.

So here’s the deal. I am 22 years old and kind of a snob when it comes to literature and what I read. I look disdainfully down at paranormal romance, especially when it’s for teens, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that probably the Twilight series is the main cause of that one. But anyway, the last thing I expected was to read all six of these books. I read the first one because I got it for free. Then I found myself downloading the rest from libraries onto my phone. (Seriously, Kindles. Get on the library train.)

I read each one in about a day and I was so entertained you wouldn’t even believe it. Rose, the narrator, is a great character. She’s a little too good at beating evil up, sure, but overall she’s believable and she makes mistakes and she isn’t totally insane when it comes to romance. Obsessive about Dimitri, her hot teacher? Sure, a little bit. But the books get better after the first one as Rose becomes more dynamic and has to face new, darker challenges.

Things I liked: Rose as narrator; Rose/Dimitri love (don’t judge me); crazy terrible things that befall Dimitri, oh no!; Rose in Siberia and especially Yeva; Amish vampires; exciting plot lines!; dynamic characters!; Adrian; MAGIC; snarkiness; healthy relationship views (SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Mead was pretty good with these except for the cheating part, the aftermath of which was handled a bit too quickly but then you see more about that in Bloodlines so it’s a little more okay. BUT ANYWAY it’s not a terrible relationship where they spend every second together and stop existing in the real world, even if the things that they say to each other are of a corn factor of 1 million.); MAKE OUT SCENES (don’t judge me); Abe; finding characters endearing and actually wanting to know what happens to them; corny happy endings.

Things I didn’t like: LOVE TRIANGLES part 1 and 2 since we knew who ended up together in the end, Richelle, ugh, stop with all the boyz being so into Rose just cause she has boobs; boys being into Rose because she has boobs; minor characters’ stories being kind of left hanging in the end, even though they pick back up in Bloodlines; some slowness when you KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN AND WHO ROSE WILL FIND IN RUSSIA SO COME ON ALREADY JUST FIND HIM UGH and then UGH GET OUT OF THE DRUG HOUSE UGH COME ON STOP BEING DRUGGED; a certain someone CHEATING on a certain someone else and then that being kind of glossed over even though it was super shitty; THAT IT ENDED COME ON I WANT MORE.

I’m really embarrassed to admit that I was really into this series. When it was over, I rapidly read three more YA books hoping to find something to fill the void but it didn’t work none were as good. So then, even though I swore I wouldn’t, when I was reading Shelf Awareness yesterday and it had an ad for Bloodlines, I immediately read the excerpt it linked to and then bought it on my Kindle. CAN YOU BELIEVE ME, blog? I can’t. Go read these books, world.

In other vampire news:

In other general news, I secured myself a paid internship with W. W. Norton & Company! Hurrah!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Some things are more important than resumes, cover letters, and networking.

(Just kidding. Mostly.)

Resumes, cover letters, and networking…

Some things are more important than blogs.

It All Ends (not just HP)

I’m sure you’ve all seen the final Harry Potter movie posters. If not, here’s what I see every day, plastered on buses and telephone booths and walls:

Just for a second, can we talk about how depressing that is? I mean, it’s super exciting that the final movie is coming out–I have midnight tickets–but that tagline is the most depressing tagline in the world.

What makes it worse is that the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is released is also the day we at New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute are released and let out into the wilds of the city and the publishing industry. So not only is the most significant book series of my childhood coming to an end, but so, too is my actual childhood. I’ll have to find a job and an apartment.

Goodbye, childhood. Goodbye, Harry Potter.

(May also be read: Hello, exciting opportunities. Hello, 8-DVD-HP-marathons.)

Advanced Reading Copy, for advanced readers

World, today I went to Penguin Putnam where I listened to a lot of super awesome people talk about super awesome children’s and YA books and I think that children/YA books are probably where I want to be. I’m sort of leaning toward pre-YA because YA can get pretty corny, but I also really enjoy some YA. It’s all moot though, really, until I get a job. And to be honest, I would take a job pretty much anywhere, although obviously I have my preferences. (Note I said “until I get a job” and not “unless I get a job.” That’s optimism.)

Anyway, the lovely people at Penguin gave us some awesome swag in the form of books in a Penguin tote bag. And some of those books were Advanced Reading Copies, which is SO COOL because they aren’t even released yet oh my goodness me. Anyway, hopefully the first in a long lifetime full of ARCs and manuscripts and drafts in need of editing.

Are you there, publishing jobs? It’s me, Lindsay.