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Book Cover Project: Never Let Me Go

HEY BLOG. Remember that book cover project I was doing? I finally did another cover, in the theme of the first. (And by “theme” I mean MAP OUTLINES YAY.)

I just recently read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and it was SO GOOD. I’ll blog about that more later, but right now, check out the book cover it had:

Although it is certainly lovely, and certainly not the only cover edition in existence, I made this one, which you should click on because it looks better when it’s bigger:

The process went like this: First, I wanted this cover to look sort of like the other one I did. I did an outline of all the counties in England because the book takes place there and also because of the whole mythology surrounding Norfolk, which is awesome. (If you haven’t read this book, seriously go read it right now.) Then I put an image of the Norfolk coastline (with edited colors hurrah!) in the background of all this, and the lines of the counties started looking super heavy and lame. Ignoring that, I put the fake Judy Bridgewater (used in the movie) in the Norfolk space, but she looked even lamer. In the end, I went simpler. No county lines, no Judy Bridgewater. To keep with the last cover, same font and overall spacing.



Minimalist Children’s Story Posters

Designer Christian Jackson made some awesome minimalist posters for the children’s stories that we all know and love. They are awesome. My favorites (click to take you to the larger image):