My name is Lindsay. I am a recent graduate of the College of Wooster (it’s in Ohio, you guys) and the New York University Summer Publishing Institute. I am 22 years old, and currently living in New York City where I am (slowly, but determinedly) making my way into the publishing industry.

I read a lot of books because I’m one of those lame kids who reads a bunch and doesn’t get out enough. So here’s a blog where I’ll tell you what books I read and what I think about them, because my opinions are the best opinions. Sometimes I’ll force my opinions of movies and music on you, too, dear readers, but mostly I’m just writing about books because I’m a nerd.

You can also find me on twitter, on tumblr, and on Goodreads.

(By the way, I put together the background on this blog using photoshop and pictures I collected from all over the internet. The sources can be found on my tumblr.)

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