Submarine: Perfectly Pretentious

Hey, you nerds. You know what I like? Pretentious movies that are aware that they are pretentious and make fun of themselves. (Does that make them more pretentious? If they know they’re pretentious and continue with their pretensions?) Anyway, a movie like that is Submarine.

First off, it’s directed by Richard Ayoade, who is hilarious in The IT Crowd (watch it on Netflix) where he plays Moss, a character who has great lines like, “Women, eh? Can’t live with ’em, can’t find ’em.” (So good.)

Second, it is narrated by / follows Oliver Tate (see poster), a 15-year-old boy who says things like, “I suppose it’s a bit of an affectation, but I often read the dictionary” and “To us and a wonderful evening of lovemaking” but still expects to lose his virginity.

Third, the cinematography is really pretty.

Fourth, Oliver Tate, again. And other characters like Graham Purvis the mystic and Oliver’s parents.

Fifth, also the soundtrack is good!

Sixth, okay go watch it now.

Here’s a trailer, if you need some extra media to convince you:


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