One Day (more like dumb day)

Sometimes I like to read books because everyone who reads is reading them, and also the obnoxious pink and orange cover of One Day kept catching my eye at bookstores. So I went on the library waiting list for the ebook version of this one and, although it took over a month, finally downloaded it to read. And I am sorry you guys, but I do not understand how it has gotten so much attention with how lame it is.


Title: One Day

Author: David Nicholls

So this book is about how obnoxiously-leftist-feminist-political-turd-who-is-way-hotter-without-her-glasses-obviously Emma is totally into party-boy-doesn’t-give-a-shit-about-politics-but-is-super-hot Dexter (“Dex”) and how one time they hook up after college graduation and then they meet up every year after that and have awkward we’re-pretending-to-be-friends-but-secretly-we’re-in-love-with-each-other-lol moments. Both of them have crappy lives because obviously life is crappy when you aren’t with the person you love. OBVIOUSLY. And then the ending irritates me more than anything, because it is obviously meant to pull at your heartstrings and it is so cloying and horrible.

Other things that are horrible: seriously, stop talking about Emma’s stupid lips or Dex’s stupid eyes or anyone’s stupid hair. The romance novel language is THE WORST. Also, the characters are stupid cookie cutters and two dimensional and I didn’t give a rat’s rear about them. Also, the Britishisms felt forced and awkward. (Sorry, Brits.)

Actually, I just figured out the worst thing about it, and it is that it makes me think these two words: Lifetime Movie. So read it if that’s your thing, but ignore it if it’s not, and you’ll be happier.

Other things: I hear the movie is also terrible and Anne Hathaway’s accent is laughably bad.

Other other things: HAY YOU GUYS I CHANGED MY BLOG ALL UP. Check out my clips (I’m so professional) and my books read list up in the corner. Hopefully a background change will be coming soon ’cause that’s the one thing I’m not really happy with.

Other other other things: THIS SONG (and video). So good.


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