YA Parade: Stuff That Doesn’t Exist Edition


Remember when I liked Vampire Academy? Well I also read Bloodlines, the spinoff book. Because I’m cool.

Title: Bloodlines

Author: Richelle Mead

Okay you guys, this book was not as good as the Vampire Academy books but mostly I think that’s because I wanted dear Sydney the Alchemist to be less awkward so that she got more action. If I am going to read YA paranormal stuff, I want more romance, you know? What is the point otherwise? I am looking for cheesy romance, and there is not as much in this as in the VA books. HOWEVER, it was still pretty good and one of the characters that gets kind of a crappy deal in the VA books (Adrian) gets a lot of page time here and you can tell there WILL be some romance. Anyway, so I can’t really say much more because it will spoil the other books, but I can say that the last line in this one makes me really excited for the next one. (I still feel bad for liking these books so much ugh.)

So in that way where Ali encourages my worst habits, like reading YA books, she advised me to read Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

Title: Delirium

Author: Lauren Oliver

So in this book, Lena is about to turn 18 and then she’s going to get this awesome operation so that she never gets deliria, which is FALLINGINLOVESICKNESS. Her mom committed suicide ’cause she felt too many feelings so Lena is super pumped to be protected against it but THEN SHE MEETS A BOY, DUH. The writing style of this book was impressively not the worst, like is often the case in YA, so it was pretty good. Ended with a cliffhanger, of course, and of course the next book isn’t out for forever (like a few months), but still pretty great! Another bonus: the dystopian world is not the worst, either! Aside from love, the government is pretty anti things like music and having lots of fun with your parents, which makes a lot of sense if they’re against love. You get pretty into the characters, too, so this is actually a pretty superb example of YA. Way better than Matched also.

So then I read more Lauren Oliver! And actually I can’t remember which of the Lauren Oliver books I read first; I read them very close together. This next one was written first, fun fact.

Title: Before I Fall

Author: Lauren Oliver

This book has been described as Groundhog Day meets Mean Girls and that’s totally true. Basically, Samantha dies and keeps reliving that same day with different outcomes. Sometimes that’s a little dull, because you just want it to get to the point already, you know? But then it picks up more as you learn more and more along with Sam about all the mean stuff she and her mean popular friends were up to. Sam becomes more honest with herself and I get really excited about decent messages in YA books, so that’s great. Delirium kept my interest better, but this is also a quick, excellent read. Yay for Lauren Oliver!

Only nine books behind now! Also I’m reading another book for grown ups so go me! ALSO happy Mindy-Kaling’s-book-comes-out Day!


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