An Abundance of John Green (& a Bit of David Levithan)

So, instead of doing a post per book I’ve read I’m going to COMBO UP some of the young adult stuff because I don’t want to bore my own pants off writing about books I read what feels like a million years ago. SO HERE WE GO. YA PARADE: JOHN GREEN VERSION.

My first foray into John Green novels:

Title: Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Authors: John Green and David Levithan

So this book is about two dudes named Will Grayson (one gay, one not; both in various stages of heartbreak/love-sickness throughout) who meet each other by chance and become kind of friends. It’s pretty good. John Green’s parts are HILARIOUS whereas David Levithan’s are super depressing but also pretty good. Lots of quirkiness!

I liked it enough to buy Looking for Alaska, because Katie said it was super good and also because it wasn’t available in any of the ebook libraries available to me. (Four ebook libraries, by the way. In case you were curious how many libraries I belong to, the answer to that is three, but hopefully soon four. AND THEN FIVE EBOOK LIBRARIES OMG.) Anyway, so I bought it and it was pretty good also.

Title: Looking for Alaska

Author: Just John Green this time, you guys.

In this more depressing book, Miles meets hot crazy babe, Alaska, when he transfers into a boarding school and his once-boring life becomes super exciting and adventurous. Thanks, hot crazy babe! Miles is obsessed with last words, which is pretty great. Anyway, THEN SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENS and Miles and his roomie, The Colonel, try to figure it out, and it’s all coming-of-agey and sad and really good.

Next, because it was available on the KINDLE FROM LIBRARIES HOW EXCITING, I read An Abundance of Katherines. 

Title: An Abundance of Katherines

Author: John Green again, surprise!

This one is about socially-weird dude, Colin, and all the chicks named Katherine that he dated. (He only dates Katherines, in fact.) The most recent Katherine (#19) has dumped him and he’s super sad about it because quirky sad boys are John Green’s thing, so he and his BFF Hassan go road-tripping to feel better. They meet a hot babe named Lindsay (THAT’S MY NAME) (ETA: Actually, her name is Lindsey with an E which is lamer.) and Colin’s life is changed FOREVER. This is the weakest of the three I’ve read, I think, because it is just quirk-ville and the characters are less believable but it’s still 4 stars good, so read it anyway.

John Green is a pretty cool dude, you guys! Read his books! (I guess I will round out his books by reading Paper Towns, also.)

P.S. The cover images might be weird/low quality. I’m not sure what’s going on with WordPress image uploader, if anything. Might just be my internet. Anyway, sorry if it looks gross!


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3 responses to “An Abundance of John Green (& a Bit of David Levithan)”

  1. Alison says :

    GIRL the girl in An Abundance of Katherines is totally LindsEy with an E! NOT EVEN SECRETLY ABOUT YOU SORRY.

    (I know this because I checked, specifically, because I am in love with you.)

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