Soooo it’s been just over a month since I’ve posted! I am so sorry blog! I thought I finally had this whole blogging-almost-regularly thing down and then instead of blogging I moved into an apartment and I went to a Medieval Festival (it was lame) and I had friends over for weekends and I went to book signings (just one) and I did laundry a couple times in a real laundromat and I watched a few seasons of Doctor Who and I had super slow internet so I didn’t want to blog but really I had the time, just not the motivation and I am so sorry blog and all of my two readers.

I am behind sixteen books and only three of them are for grown-ups, sorry. Part of this is Alison‘s fault because she makes me read books when she’s read them and she doesn’t believe in grown-up books, either. I have no choice in the matter, she just sends them and I have to read them.

So anyway, now that I’m making my comeback to the internet (and by internet I mean blogging; I’ve been on the internet the whole time) you can expect more regular updating and to read about more YA books you don’t really care about because ugh YA, amirite? But also I’ll talk about some popular adult fiction like The Help and One Day. (One was good and the other was not! Guess which was which!)

Also, in case you were curious and because I’ve been talking about fun things I’ve done that aren’t blogging, nothing is more exciting when you are from Ohio and slightly drunk than Times Square at night. (I tried to upload a picture here but WordPress is being a jerk, sry.)


Until next time, blog!



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