Brooklyn Book Festival

Can we talk about how great New York City is? New York City is so great that it attracts tons of fabulous authors who get together to read and talk on panels and sign books and New York City is so great that it’s all free. On Sunday, I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival.

I saw comic-writers Kate Beaton, Michael Kupperman, Keith Knight, and Jennifer Hayden talk about their work and things like how they knew they were funny and if they’d ever gone too far into not-funny territory. Michael and Kate in particular were hilarious speakers.

Then, I went and listened to Karen Russell, Elissa Schappell, and Jim Shepard read some fiction. (The ladies were both great, but Jim seemed like kind of a D and I wasn’t really into it. And by Jim, I mean his narrator.)

Then a little wandering over to the Youth Stoop to see Cory Doctorow, Jacqueline Woodson, and Gayle Forman read a bit from their books and then talk about making difficult choices the subjects of young adult fiction. I was so into Gayle Forman and her “Team Adam” button that I read If I Stay this morning. (Now you go read it.)

And THEN a two-bags-of-chips-and-a-sweet-tea break was sorely needed because I am a fatty.

Finally went to go see short story writers Clark Blaise, Seth Fried, and Amelia Gray read some of their fiction, followed by some Q&A and I was really entertained by all of them (Seth was the best, though) and then wanted to immediately write a million things.

Basically, NYC is the best. And next year I am both going to get up earlier to arrive earlier and going to stand in line for the ticketed bits. (If you wanted to see the bigger name authors it was still free, but you had to wait around for tickets.) ALSO. Jennifer Egan was after me in line for the bathroom. Just saying.


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