What I Read: The Wolves of Mercy Falls

GURL (BLOG) it has been almost a week. Totally didn’t realize that. Thought it had only been like three or four days. My bad. It’s just I’ve been busy with trying to figure out where to live and working sometimes and the Brooklyn Book Festival that I’ve not been on the internet very often. I read some books, though, too!

Title: Shiver, Linger, Forever

Author: Maggie Stiefvater

First, can we talk about how lame those titles are? Yes? You agree they’re lame? Good. Also the covers are lame.

Next, let’s go over the stories. So in Shiver Grace is all “Oh man, look at that wolf I like in the woods, what a great wolf.” And then of course that wolf is a werewolf and also they fall in love when he is a boy instead of a wolf. (Werewolf is named Sam!) Sam is a total emo kid because life is hard when you’re a werewolf part-time, okay??? But overall this book is not the worst, and even I kind of liked it. The narration switches back and forth between Sam and Grace and it’s okay.

Where the books go wrong is in Linger when dear Maggie decided we needed four narrators instead and it was super obnoxious. Same with Forever which has the worst title in all the land. Anyway, basically everyone is a werewolf then becomes not a werewolf then a werewolf again and I can’t make myself care. Sam and Grace become whiny and everything that made them cool in the first book is lame. And then there’s just so much angst because of werewolf toxins and suicidal ex-rock stars and girls with dead brothers and dead friends and I don’t understand why these books are so popular except I do: angst.

They’re not horribly written or anything. They just aren’t my thing. Read them if you’re into angsty teen paranormal romance where being apart for a day is just the hardest thing in the world.

NEXT UP: Brooklyn Book Festival.


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