What I Read: Matched

Or, Dystopian: You’re Doing It Wrong

Title: Matched

Author: Ally Condie

Why is this book popular? I’ma be realzies with you, internet, this book was SO BORING. Next to nothing happens and the book steals all its intriguing bits from The Giver. (To be even more realzies, I loved The Giver when I was younger; I reread it last summer and it was way less interesting.) But seriously, nothing in this book was interesting.

Maybe maybe you could be like “WELL BUT THEY PICK HER HUBBY FOR HER ISN’T THAT INTERESTING???” and it’s like well maybe except arranged marriages happen all the time and also this girl has next to zero personality, so pretty much any dude would work for her anyway. Also the writing style made me want to sleep. Also terrible love triangle, ugh. And I even like a good love triangle in that way where I like cheesy YA stuff sometimes (obvi).

I don’t even want to bother with a more extensive explanation of stuff. Here is all you need to know: Boring. Been done before. BORING. Clichés out the butt. Ugly green dress ew.

If anyone told you OMG IF YOU LIKE THE HUNGER GAMES READ THIS YOU’LL LOVE IT, they’re lying to you. If you go in expecting any of that you will die of boredom. (Even without the expectations, mortality rate is high.) I guess what I’m saying is, go read Vampire Academy instead. (Not that the two are anything alike; I just like Vampire Academy, so…)

P.S. Sorry for not blogging in almostaweekomg. Moving. Apartment issues. More moving to occur soon. Stressville.


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