Music Cravings

Today I had my first day at my W. W. Norton internship and it was swell. The only thing I found super difficult was sitting without tunes all day long. In honor of my lonely ears, here are some songs that have been in my brain and playing from my laptop speakers lately.

Alex Winston: “Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)” (from the fabulous Miss Moss mix, Electric Spring)


Adele: “Rolling in the Deep” (Girl can sing.)


Cee-roo: “A Day in the Life (feat. John Lennon)” (from Miss Moss’s August) (Sad this isn’t a real music video. 😦 😦 :()


Midlake: “Young Bride” (You can blame Katie for this one.)


The Decemberists: “Calamity Song” (Because who can resist a David Foster Wallace inspired video, right?) (And also because I’m still obsessed with The King Is Dead.)


I’d put up like a million more except I’m tired because of working for real $$$ like a grown-up or something gross. (jk, not too gross.)  Air Review’s “Waiting Lessons” deserves to be mentioned, even though it isn’t on YouTube that I could find. But it’s HERE, so take that, YouTube. Also, I listen to a buttload of Florence + the Machine because lady singers are the best.


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