What I Read: The Future of Us

Read this a while ago, but I’ma try to remember enough about it to say some sensible things. I’ve been kind of putting of blogging about it because it was kind of bleh but now here it comes, blog, The Future of Us, another free Penguin ARC.

Title: The Future of Us

Authors: Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

Release Date: November 21, 2011

So here’s the scoop, kids. It’s 1996. Emma and Josh used to be BFFs but then Josh messed everything up by trying to kiss Emma and Emma messed everything up by not being into it. But Josh’s household got an AOL CD-ROM for FREE INTERNETS YAY and his parents are all EW INTERNET NO WAY and so Josh’s mom makes Josh take the CD-ROM over to Emma who is their neighbor and who is like OKAY MY DAD GOT ME A GUILT-PRESENT-COMPUTER FOR GETTING REMARRIED AND MOVING TO FLORIDA WITHOUT ME THANKS.

So then she puts in the CD and in her internet favorites is some weird site called Facebook and she’s like Whaaaaaat???? and she looks at it and it shows her FIFTEEN YEARS IN THE FUTURE and stuff. And Josh’s fb is there, too, along with a bunch of their friends’, so they check stuff out, and Josh’s future is supposed to be AWESOME and Emma’s is just kind of whatever, and they find out that the future changes based on their actions in the present and some shenanigans follow.

Here’s the deal, though, readers. This book really isn’t all that interesting. The premise is okay. As I read it, it hit some nostalgic bits of me and I had to wonder about that–this book is aimed at kids younger than I am, kids who might not remember AOL CD-ROMs and the Macarena and beepers and VHS tapes. Why is a book aimed at a younger audience hitting nostalgic bits of an older audience?

And then I was like, AND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN FB IS GONE? Because obviously Facebook won’t be around forever. And anyway, the way Facebook is described might be totally inaccurate in a few years; Facebook is changing how it looks all the time.

On top of that, the story was kind of boring. Most of it revolved around a computer, and how exciting can you really make surfing the web, even if it is surfing the web for YOUR FUTURE OMG. The most exciting part about the book is that opening and weak premise, and then after that it just skips along through the YA Wonderland of hormones and crushes and boring characters. (Emma was more interesting than Josh, who was so super boring.)

I gave it 3 stars, though, on Goodreads. It was kind of entertaining, and I liked it alright. It’s apparently going to be a movie. Hopefully the movie is more interesting and has less sitting-on-the-computer time to it.

Go read it, I guess! When it comes out, anyway.


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