How I’m Wasting My Time


I’ve been pretty busy doing important things like reading more paranormal romance for teens and being super ashamed about it. Also I’ve been doing other things like socializing and going to parks and that’s about it. I feel bad about not blogging though, so here you go, world, here are some funny things I found on the internet recently!

  1. Harry Potter Humor tumblr. Particularly here, here, and here.
  2. Fake YouTube pronunciation guide, PronunciationManual, which I found on YouTube yesterday, probably before Alison did, even though she blogged about it first. RAL-PUH-HUH FEE-EN-NEN-NEZ.
  3. Duke Silver. Enough said. And if it’s not enough said, it’s because you don’t watch Parks and Recreation, which means you’re really missing out. Get on Netflix right now.
I’m nine books behind right now, so see you soon, blog! P.S. People who read this, put more funny things in the comments, plz.


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