Winning at SEO

Having learned about SEO at the NYU Summer Publishing Institute, I was curious as to how my little blog was doing. Luckily, with WordPress, you can check what search terms are getting people to your blog. Here are my favorite search terms that have gotten people to my blog:

  • “giant romper” (This has apparently gotten me two views.)
  • “piece of gum “cavernous vagina”” (This has also gotten two views! Glad multiple people are searching cavernous vaginas. It’s from this entry about Bossypants.)
  • “read to the blind” (…not sure why this got someone to my blog. Possibly The Blind Assassin?)
  • “bossypants quotes “batshit crazy”” (Thanks, Tina Fey. You’re getting my blog several views.)
  • “things to do when unemployed” (Probably don’t read my blog.)
  • “handmaids tale dying” (Why did someone search for this? P.S., Thanks Margaret Atwood.)
  • “spoiler water for elephants” (Someone is looking for spoilers! Not a good book or movie, so probably the best way to save yourself some time.)
Glad I discovered these.

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