If you thought I was ashamed yesterday, good news! This other book that I read I felt guilty for even picking up because the cover clearly says, “Lindsay, you’re not going to like this. It’s full of teen angst.” AND BOY WAS IT RIGHT. Full disclosure: this book is not a book that I would normally ever read; it is not my kind of book. Full disclosure part 2: got this ARC fo’ free from Penguin when I visited a few weeks ago.

Title: The Space Between

Author: Brenna Yovanoff

Release Date: November 15, 2011

So in this book Daphne, daughter of Lucifer and Lilith, is all kinds of bored hanging out in Pandemonium, the city of Hell which is all made of metal or whatever. She’s also BFFs with her brother, Obie, who falls in love with some hot Earth babe, so he goes to Earth and then gets kidnapped, so Daphne goes to rescue him and falls in love with some hot Earth dude named Truman. (Truman is the most angst-filled character in the whole world.) On Earth Daphne gets in touch with all her feelings and helps Truman to figure out his and it’s all TRUE LOVE and stuff. Also there are archangels.

Let me first repeat again, this is not my kind of book. Generally when I see the word “demon” I laugh. I can’t take it seriously. So this book already had that going against it. (“WHY DID YOU READ IT THEN???” you may be wondering. The answer is simple. Because it was there and I had to know.)

Did I like this book? Nope! I wouldn’t even recommend it to anyone like I would recommend Vampire Academy. Does that mean there are no people out there who will read and enjoy this? Absolutely not. Angst-filled teens looking for love will love it. It’s so angsty. SO ANGSTY. And the love is obviously super corny, so there’s that, too.

Here are things I didn’t like: Daphne doesn’t really have feelings for most of the book (because she’s not human) so unfortunately she’s also really boring as a character. Truman is just sad all the time and in denial about his depression / alcoholism and it gets old. Too many repetitive descriptions. (I get it. Metal teeth.) Too many adverbs. THERE’S A CREEPY PART-DEMON BABY THAT TALKS. I didn’t really care about the characters at all. Corniest romance bits because everything is so painful because of so many feelings and no feelings and you make me feel better and stuff. Also, the ending. The ending is what knocked it from 3 stars to 2. I not only thought it was a lame way to go, but also thought it made very little sense. ANGST.

Here’s what I did like: At first it wasn’t the worst. I wasn’t laughing when it was talking about demons and Lucifer and stuff. It isn’t shoved in your face every second that Lucifer is Daphne’s dad; you almost forget that they aren’t just normal people. Almost. And then love and archangels enter and it gets bad.

I gave it 2 stars but I don’t want to say that this is the worst book in the world. It’s definitely not. It’s just not my kind of book. There are readers out there who will love this. I am just not one of those readers.


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