Book Cover Project

Midnight Harry Potter + Career Fair at 9 A.M. + Graduation Luncheon + 3 Hour Nap = Forgetting to Blog Yesterday. BUT the movie was fabulous, the career fair was exciting, the lunch was delicious, and the nap was much needed. In any case today, my first post-student day ever, I started a new project in which I remake book covers of my favorite books.

The first I worked on today is a cover for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. Here is the actual cover of the book (click to make bigger):

And here is my version (again, click to make bigger):

I was thinking of the story of the Sixth Borough when I put it together, since that’s one of my favorite parts of the book. On top of that, Oskar, the protagonist, travels all over the city. I also wanted something simple and minimalist. I do love the cover shown; it’s the version that I have of the book. Everyone read it, by the way. It’s so so so so so good.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be doing one of these every few days. Now that SPI is over, I certainly have time.


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One response to “Book Cover Project”

  1. Evan Oare says :

    I’m liking this…please do more!

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