What I Read: Hunger Games (YA Fest, Part 2)

Oh, poor Suzanne Collins and the The Hunger Games. Everyone has forgotten about you because of HARRY FREAKING POTTER. (To be honest, I’m more excited about HP than I could ever EVER be for HG.)

Title: The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Completed?: Like a million years ago. I read it in like a day. I even skipped going to dinner with friends in favor of microwaving macaroni and cheese. The gross Velveeta kind. (Which is secretly also delicious.)

Spoiler-free Opinions: …this is YA? Talk about violent. (Good call on being PG-13, movie.) The protag, though, Katniss, is obviously a YA protag. She’s a total BA, obviously, and super gorgeous and she didn’t even know it because she is just that real, you know??? As YA as the characters and romance are, however, I will admit to being really entertained by this book. Not enough to go out and buy the sequel–besides I did some research, and I think the sequels would only disappoint me–but enough to get through the book really quickly. It’s tons of action, and even though you know how it’s going to end the whole time, it’s pretty interesting finding out how it gets to that end. I’d recommend it as a quick read. I would not recommend reading it and then watching Battle Royale, however.

To be honest, I read the book because I kept seeing news stories about the castings, and so I really wanted to know why there was such a fuss. Usually, the only reason there’s a fuss about castings is because the book is a big deal. Obviously it had been hanging out on Amazon and showing up all over the place wanting me to buy it, and since it was very cheap (and is even cheaper now), I bought it on my Kindle and devoured it. This was also during my YA kick at the end of the school year, when I read all of the His Dark Materials series, so good timing.

I was entertained by the book, and it’s pretty good for what it is, but I think I’m actually pretty excited for the movie. This book will make a really good movie. No quotes, because YA doesn’t lend itself to lovely language, but 4 stars for YA! Read it if you’re looking for a quick, high-action read.

(It’s no Harry Potter, though, obviously.)


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