Lazy Sunday

Once again, I almost forgot about my whole “blog every day” thing. It’s the weekend, though, and most bloggers ditch the internet on the weekends, anyway. Because I don’t have a lot of time, here’s a list of things that are weird that I’ve done / have happened to me in NYC so far:

  • Wrote an article for lumberjacks out of work.
  • Wrote a blog entry in the medieval style. You know. Because so many medieval dudes had blogs.
  • Made an InDesign page with roughly 10 pictures of dogs on it.
  • Edited out a watermark on a picture of a monkey reading a book.
  • Edited out a watermark on a picture of a bunch of smiling cartoon vegetables.
  • Went to Thrillerfest.
  • Sat next to KATIE whose neighboring seat was immediately filled by the failed actress we had just been making fun of. (Don’t worry, she was not aware.)
  • Woke up before 6am to go to a concert in Central Park before my magazine for lumberjacks was judged. (P.S. It was Florence and the Machine and it was AWESOME.)
  • At said concert, had flowers thrown at me. (To be fair, thrown at whole crowd.)
  • Was approached by a squirrel with a head injury. Super awkward. Squirrel, I’m just not that into you.
  • Witnessed a man who probably had Tourette syndrome yelling at a bus. A lot. With many swears. Many many swears.
  • Introduced “Macaroni and Cheese” as a food group in my diet.
  • Also, “Coffee.”
  • Read the entirety of Vampire Academy in like two days. (Yes, I’m kind of ashamed.)
  • Learned that I go through roughly one roll of toilet paper a week. Maybe. In any case, four of us go through four rolls. Hot dang.
  • Decided that “french fries” constitute “dinner.”
  • Played a million Harry Potter quizzes on Sporcle.
  • Spent every weekday in a windowless, over-air-conditioned room, wearing sweaters while outside it was roughly 100 degrees.
  • Got to hear from the coolest people in the publishing industry SO GREAT.
  • Um, and I’m sure thousands of other things, too, because every day is weird because being in NYC is surreal and strange. But that’s all I can think to list.
Happy lazy Sunday! (I did my laundry AND I bought a can opener, so, actually… a pretty productive day.)

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