Advanced Reading Copy, for advanced readers

World, today I went to Penguin Putnam where I listened to a lot of super awesome people talk about super awesome children’s and YA books and I think that children/YA books are probably where I want to be. I’m sort of leaning toward pre-YA because YA can get pretty corny, but I also really enjoy some YA. It’s all moot though, really, until I get a job. And to be honest, I would take a job pretty much anywhere, although obviously I have my preferences. (Note I said “until I get a job” and not “unless I get a job.” That’s optimism.)

Anyway, the lovely people at Penguin gave us some awesome swag in the form of books in a Penguin tote bag. And some of those books were Advanced Reading Copies, which is SO COOL because they aren’t even released yet oh my goodness me. Anyway, hopefully the first in a long lifetime full of ARCs and manuscripts and drafts in need of editing.

Are you there, publishing jobs? It’s me, Lindsay.


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