I’m not dead.

HEY BLOG. I’m not dead, but given that my year-long thesis is due in just under a month, I’ve had my attentions elsewhere. But I just discovered something that probably is old news, but I think I’ll share anyway.

Water for Elephants has been made into a movie to be released next month (which I can say, because it’s March already, holy cow). As you know, I didn’t like the book, but I think the story might be better suited for a movie. I’d wager that they’ve cut out a lot of the old man depressing scenes. They definitely cut out Uncle Al (the ringmaster) in favor of making August the new ringmaster, it looks like. AND because it’s a movie no one has to read the boring writing style, so… good deal.

I’m not sure how I feel about Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, but Christopher Waltz (of Inglourious Basterds) is playing August and that will probably be awesome. Robby P. was ruined for me by the terrible Twilight films (although he looks a thousand times more attractive un-vampired), and Reese will probably do alright–she just seems like more of  a romcom gal to me (probably because I mostly remember her from Sweet Home Alabama). Also, Rob is really close to butt-grabbing territory in that poster.

Here’s the trailer, which looks as interesting as I thought the book did, but hopefully ends up being more so. Maybe I’ll even go see it.

P.S. “Life is the most spectacular show on Earth” is a totally lame tagline.


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